3 Surfing Heaven in Lombok – Sumbawa

Are you hesitating about what to do in Lombok? Let’s try to surf. Lombok is popular as a place to surf for enthusiasts surfing the earth. The surfers who arrive to surf in Lombok are not only from local surfers. But also surfers from outside the country.
Popular Lombok has a fairly large flow and quite challenging. There are many waterfronts in Lombok which is used as a place to surf, especially to be heaven for surfers.
The fame of the beaches, moreover, has been popular to foreign countries. Do not be confused if the beaches in Lombok are often controlled by surfers from outside the country who are curious to try to stir up the huge flow found in Lombok.

1. Selong Belanak seaside
Selong belanak seaside has a very far, large and sloping waterfront line. Not only that this seaside has a very interesting flow of wind.
The flow is not very large and the sloping sand base is suitable for newcomer surfers. Here, too, we want to be very easy to create cost surfing instructors who are available to train and assist newcomers.

2. Lakey seaside
Not only has a large flow that is suitable for surfers, this Lakey waterfront is a great spot for viewing the sunset and a very good sunrise in Lombok. Moreover, many photography fans often stay here last night, just for documenting the sunset and sunrise as well.

Lakey seaside has 4 types of flow mentioned by its surfers, namely Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe, and Periscope. The type that is very challenging and great for surfing is Lakey Peak because it serves the challenge of flow from the left or right. On the left it is a long culvert, while on the right it is a perfect flow for surfing.

3. Rantung seafront
This seashore is also known to be like the Yoyo seashore, because it has a rolling edge of the sea like a yoyo. Like that flow pursued by surfers from various countries. Stream hunters generally arrive in the early afternoon, most notably the very end of the Rantung Sea Bank. Especially when during the day the flow here is quite large. Many surfers arriving from outside the country are frank when they are deeply in love with the quiet, natural Sumbawa Sea, and there is certainly a tempting convolution.

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